Life on the Ranch: The Illegal Immigration Problem Far from the Border

Life on the Ranch: The Illegal Immigration Problem Far from the Border

Migration has always been a part of human society, but the growth of cities, towns, and countries makes it harder to migrate for some. At some point, borders would be put in place, and illegal immigration soon followed.

It is estimated that 11.3 million undocumented people reside in the United States, which is a number that has stayed relatively the same for eight years. Contrary to popular belief, illegal immigration has slowed down, but it is still causing issues beyond the border.

Why do People Immigrate Illegally?

Illegal immigrants are met with all sorts of obstacles, from insufferable terrain to border patrol. Furthermore, there are some people in the United States that feel apprehensive about people who immigrate illegally. Still, many people continue to try their luck and migrate into this country without papers. The following are some of the reasons they do this:

  • Extreme poverty and looking for opportunity
  • Problems with overpopulation in their country
  • Wars or fear of persecution
  • Reunification with family who are already residing in the country
  • They believe they will help the country, and see border laws as immoral

Granted, these are just some of the reasons people migrate here, but they are enough to propel illegal immigration.

Problems Immigrants Encounter

It might seem that illegal immigrants only encounter problems at the border with the border patrol, but problems with illegal immigrants continue. One of the biggest issues that many undocumented people face is unlawful working conditions.

An unlawful working condition that some illegal immigrants are forced to undergo is working without safety regulations. A regular American would be given the proper safety gear to work in an area where the risk of contamination is high, but an illegal worker will not be.

These migrants are also forced to work way below minimum wage and cannot unionize within this country. Granted, some of these rights were written for American citizens. Illegal immigrants are not citizens, but that should not give American business owners or companies the right to abuse human beings.

Illegal immigrants can be overworked without expecting overtime pay and are sometimes forced to work through breaks. These migrants usually do not have anyone to complain to and, when they do, they risk being deported.

The problems that immigrants face continue from there. For example, many immigrants are victims of crime in the United States, including domestic violence that could even affect children. Immigrants also fear reporting sexual assaults, which can put others in danger since the sexual predator is not apprehended when he or she should have been. Most immigrants do not report these crimes because they fear that the police will report their status in the United States, which will result in deportation.

These are just some of the issues immigrants who choose to cross the border face in this country. This is on top of other issues like not having medical support among many others.

Unlawful Immigration and the United States

Yes, the illegal immigration population faces issues but so does the United States as a whole. For one, it is estimated that illegal immigrants cost the United States about $99 billion. This seems like a large number, and it includes money spent on medical emergencies and educating some of these individuals.

The number does seem large, but it does not take into account all the money that illegal immigrants put back into the system. These individuals are spending their money in the country, supporting local businesses and the economy. It is easy to say that deporting them would be the best solution, but people should consider how much the US actually depends on illegal immigrants.

It is sad that these individuals are exploited at work, but this exploitation grants other Americans discounts. For example, homes are built cheaper and sold at a more reasonable price with the help of illegal immigrants and the same can be said about other things like produce.

There are many issues associated with produce since 50 to 70 percent of the labor force tasked with picking produce from a farm are illegal immigrants. This means that produce could see a spike if all immigrants were deported. Some Americans would say that US workers would pick up the slack, but most Americans just do not want these jobs, which makes immigrant workers vital.

It is clear that the problem with illegal immigration is a lot more complicated than some might imagine. The recent animosity against illegal immigrants is not new. Citizens of different countries have turned against immigrants at some point. The animosity is usually linked to work, and it tends to happen when the country is not doing too well economically. Illegal immigrants are blamed for the problem, but the issue might just rest in the way income is distributed rather than immigration.

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